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A bond, also called a security bond, is done through a company dealing with a specific focus such as bail bonds in Los Angeles. The bond company will get information on the defendant and assess the risk for the case. The person who signs the bond will have to sign an Indemnity Agreement and a Bond Application. The agent will then post the bond at the detention facility or the jail which allows the defendant to be released.

The entire process should take an hour or two, but the process cannot begin until the arrest and booking are completed. The customer is charged 10 percent of the full bond amount. This amount is set by state law and agents that charge less are violating the law. Involving family and friends ensures the bondman that there is a responsible person that will get the defendant to court as promised since their money is at risk.

If the defendant fails to appear, the bondsman will expect the person who paid and signed for release to know where they are and assist in locating them to get them to court. When the defendant is booked they will be taken to the local law enforcement station to be booked and it is during this process that the bond amount is set.

Booking consists of fingerprinting, a check for warrants, and a background check. The defendant will be searched for drugs and weapons and their personal belongings will be catalogued and kept by the jailer. They will not have access to their cell phone, credit cards or money.

After this they will be taken to a cell which might or might not have a payphone. Some jails can do this processing in an hour or less and some can take several hours. Looking into bail bonds in Los Angeles can assist with processing and release, making it less stressful for all involved.
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Bail Bonds Los Angeles Can Help

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This article was published on 2011/02/05